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The Era of Elon Musk: Success, Habits, Daily Routine and Future
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Elon Musk is most of the visionary person of the world. Who has a ability to change the world with his mind power.

       Some of the people say that we are living in in Elon's Era. Elon Musk creating too many histories. and these histories such greatest in the world. He is a motivation around the world. And his is works makes people,motivational and inspirational.

      In some of interviews, people asked to Elon that what his Motive around them all. Then Elon said that I am not trying to be anyone's savior, I am trying to think about the future and not be sad.

      We can say that Elon Musk is a super hero of real life. But there was no any superpower inside the Elon Musk. but his powerful intentions more than a superpower.

      Elon Musk thinking is different from all the peoples in the world. He has a reason that he will reach the human being on to the Mars planet.

      Then some people says that it what it is a foolish idea. But the some peoples who who has a strong and confidential vision they can also achieve their goals. And we think that Elon also.

       Elon Musk has a backup plan for human being who are living on earth planet. He want to shift human being on Mars planet. And we have to listen that human as create multi planet species.

      Elon said that if everything is right and if our plan will be successful then we will be e able to shift people to Mars at around year 2030.

       It's not enough but Elon Musk run more than 6 companies along with Spacex. Like Neuralink, starlink, Tesla, solarcity, open AI, the boring company and so on.

        The cause of of and reason of all of the achievements and success of Elon Musk that he has unbreakable constructive habits.

      He developed his mind with very powerful and unbreakable constructive habits. That's why he trained his mind that he can manage everything at a time.

Today we talking about these all 3 types of habits. That if you can develop in your mind you can think like Elon Musk also.

But what are these 3 unstoppable habits.. 

Let's get starting......

1. Developing a wide knowledge base

The main thing that main Elon Musk a different from other companies CEO's. That Elon Musk is a self educated person. He don't have any biggest formal knowledge.

       But he has a too much knowledge and wide knowledge. His mind is open very widely. That's power of Elon Musk, whenever he talking about any problem with their company workers. Then he I can understand all the problems very perfectly.

      Kevin brogan, he is engineer in space X company. He told that sometime Elon come to him and put so many different types of questions. 

     Then Kevin told that once a times, he thinks that Elon, take test his knowledge. But after he realise that he observed so much knowledge from different different types of peoples. That's a brilliant point and very good idea that he collect a great knowledge.

      By this way he put a lot of questions with different different types of peoples like engineers, managers, co-workers. 

      We can divide learning side peoples in different type of three categories. 


1. Dash shaped person 

In this category, the people has shallow knowledge. But they don't have any expertise in any type of area. 

      We can adjust a proverb on these type of people that " jack of all trades but master of none".


2. I shaped person

In this category people, have a deep knowledge in one particular area or subject. We can see these people are specialist for have expertise in one particular area.

They never defeat their Paths. They works on such problem in which he has a mastery.

3. T shaped person

In this category, the Elon Musk existing. These people had wide knowledge and mastery in different different types of works and areas.

      But along with them they have a mastery and too much knowledge about more than one subject or area. 

      You can become a master with being a T shaped person. In this you can't live in in particular niche. But your wide knowledge can solve so many types of problem that people facing.

2. Embrace the Failures

In any interview, someone asked you Elon Musk that how could he become successful with electronic cars. That how how can he think that electronic cars successful business.

       But Elon Musk gives very awesome answer that he answered, don't know what about electronic cars being successful or not. Such, He don't know, but he want to try, and he think he got success.

     But now whenever it's your side, then what will you do if you got too much money like Elon Musk. You will invest all the money for future products or enjoy with that money. Guys it's your choice.

       That's the one thing that makes Elon Musk successful and greatest man of the world. That is a " if something important enough you should try if the outcome of it is a Failure".

       That's the thing that it makes Elon Musk successful. That he never fear about failure but he he want to try also.

        That this thing you should to fit in your mind that you never fear about failure or getting success. You should have to trying every time whenever you fail or not. 

       But whenever are you comfortable with this fact that you will being fail. That's thing makes you rich and successful. Actually, failure is not opposite of success it is a also path of success. And this is a thing Elon Musk known Surely.

       Elon Musk knows that till he would not fail, he wouldn't success. He every time know that he could be fail or not and that's why he can handle a failure very well. Because when you know no you are gonna fail, it will be easier for you to handle that failure.

       But if you want to success in particular area you should have to build a mindset that you would be fail sometime. But this thing actually right for you not a bad.

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3. Always assume you can improve

After Space X, there was too many companies who made rocket very costly. Because all of the components which are using to to make a rockets are bought from different different countries and sources. 

      That's why these companies assembled a rockets, then it would take a a very high price. That's a very biggest challenge for Elon Musk. But Elon Musk wants to make a a reusable rockets at very cheapest price.

       Then Elon Musk got a idea that, he didn't by any off components using to make a rockets. But he he will manufacture these all components by himself.

     That's very biggest decision makes a space x successful company. Because around 85% of the components which are using for Space X, are made by Space X.

Elon Musk said that he never satisfied too early. There is always room for improvement in every area. But the first and last thing you have to build a strong mind set like Elon Musk.

      The people has a growth mindset can learn everything. They can learn from their mistakes and also they can learn from their success. When you more Learn then you more earn.

        These peoples whenever they feel any type of problem they can solved all of their problems. They never satisfied to early. The research too much and they also practical it.

      But in other side which people has a fixed mindset, they always fixed all their problems and solutions. We can say these people in Procrastination. Fixed mindset people says that, it's not possible for me, I am not that type, I can't do it. 

But in the positive side people who has a developed and open mind, the Never said to yourself these type of of negative affirmations. They don't adjust with their problems but they have solve their problem mindset.


      They works to find a solution every time. If you want to be that type of people, you have to join these three habits. You have to open your growth mindset. And shutdown his comfort zone and limited thinking. 

 It doesn't matter that what type of problems and how many problems you are facing, but there is also have a solution of all of your problems. 

People Also Ask - FAQ

1. Q. - What is the daily routine of Elon Musk?

Ans. - Elon Musk getting up around 6 am in the morning. He has a unstoppable constructive habits. He wants to try everything in their life. He didn't think about getting success or failure but he developed as successful mindset habits by daily.

2. Q. - What is the 3 habits of Elon Musk.

Ans. - 1. His first habit is that Developing a wide knowledge Base. 2. Embrace the Failures 3. Always assume that You Can Improve. These powerful habits makes Elon Musk successful and richest man of the world.

3. Q. - What is Elon Musk think about Success?

Ans. - In any interview, he said that he doesn't think about getting success or fail. But he always wants to try new things. He says that you should always try new things every time.


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